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Hunting Season is Here!
Guide’s Corner
Hunting season is here and for many of us it’s a cherished time to be spent with family and friends. Our ranches have been so blessed this year by generous spring and summer rains it still is more green than brown here in southwest Texas. Before too long a cold front will barrel down from the north and all that will change. Colors change late here in the south, folks up north should never take their beautiful fall colors for granted. I sure miss seeing the golden aspen trees at our camp in Colorado. Please continue reading as I briefly outline some upcoming hunt opportunities and share some exciting bits of news!
Alaska Brown Bear
In late August Melony and I traveled back to Alaska to scout out a brown bear area near Iliamna, AK. For the better part of 12 years we guided hunters in this area and further to the west where our base camp was located on the Nushagak River. Since then the number of hunting guides and air taxi operators have greatly declined, as have the caribou and moose, but the bear population has grown steadily. In response to the burgeoning bear population, the State of Alaska has both lengthened the hunting season and increased the brown bear bag limit to 2 bears annually in Unit 17B. The season in adjoining Unit 9B has also been lengthened giving hunters more opportunities for harvesting a big bear. We have a really nice lodge for our hunters to stay in and a local bush pilot with lots of flying experience in his Piper Super Cub flying camp support. Here is a photo of a 9 ft 2 in. bear his client just recently harvested. The other bear is a 10 footer Barry Cooper took with me several years ago in this same area. The spring season in Unit 9B is May 10-31 with the fall season in Unit 17B August 20-October. I will be personally guiding these brown bear hunts so call me to discuss a hunt in detail! An Alaskan brown bear should be the centerpiece of any trophy room and is truly the pinnacle of North American Big Game Hunting. Do not let your age or finances keep you away from one of the greatest hunts of your life.
Texas Whitetails
Since early summer we have been clearing brush and adding new shooting lanes on the Williams Ranch in order to give it a “fresh look” and improve hunter’s shooting opportunities. We have also added additional bow blinds and hog blinds to help our hunters take advantage of the exploding feral hog population. Recently we have been hosting a number of “meat hunts” whereby hunters can take advantage of liberal bag limits of whitetail doe/cull bucks, hogs, along with some delicious species of exotics. Soon, our trophy hunts will start and we look forward to posting the photos. Most of our Sanctuary Hunts are sold out but we do have a 180-190 class typical on our Menard Ranch and an equally large non-typical near Eldorado. We would love to guide someone after either of these fine bucks along with 135-160 B&C class bucks on the Bruton Ranch located just north of the Main Lodge. Trophy fees are no-kill, no-pay! We recently received a call from our neighbor wanting to change the genetic profile on their ranch by reducing the majority of their native whitetail bucks. This has created an incredible opportunity for our hunters to harvest bucks under 150 B&C at prices reduced up to 40%! Call now and take advantage of these remarkable offers!
Mule Deer Whitetail Combo
The mule deer/whitetail combo hunts were sold and then Hurricane Harvey hit with a vengeance! Our hunters had to cancel their hunts leaving us holding the proverbial bag. If you are serious about having fun and don’t mind hunting all day in the game rich mountains of west Texas, this is the hunt for you! We commonly see hundreds of aoudad sheep, elk, mule deer, whitetail, javelina and mountain lion on this hunt. Last year we had a hunter miss a lion and almost had another shot at a different lion. This is a totally free range hunt with the possibility of harvesting a mule deer buck up to 193 B&C. Included in this hunt is an opportunity for a west Texas whitetail buck. Additionally, hunters may choose to harvest a free range aoudad ram or javelina on a no-kill, no-pay trophy fee basis. This hunt is scheduled for December 6-11th. Call today and reserve your spot!
Every year we get a number of hunters inquiring into our predator hunts with specific emphasis on coyote and bobcat. With the advent of so many predator hunting TV shows, it seems like the sport’s popularity has really taken off. Truth is, we have been guiding predator hunts for 32 years. No learning curve here! Just check out this month’s issue of Predator Nation and Predator Extreme Magazines to read about recent hunts with Magnum! If you’re searching for an action packed predator hunt with almost 100% success on coyotes & bobcat and a chance for hog and javelina, then look no further than our 80,000 acre ranch near Laredo, TX. The lodging is fantastic and the hunting is phenomenal. We can handle groups of varying size with our new custom high-racks and FoxPro calls. Contact us today and book your hunt!

“Jim is not new at this predator game. He knows his stuff and is more wind-conscious than an old trophy whitetail. I’ve done this a lot, and that was the best predator hunt I have experienced with a guide. Each day brought shot opportunities, sometimes many, and another party in camp called in more coyotes in a few hours in one evening with Jim on the call than I have ever heard of. We took multiple trophy bobcats and more coyotes than I can recall. Plus bonus javelina! Great food, folks and lodging. The sooner I get to hunt coyotes with Jim Roche again, the better”.
         — Skip Knowles, Editor, Predator Nation

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