Thursday, November 12, 2009
November Update asks:
Our whitetail season is going into full swing. The start of the primary rut is about a week away. Fresh rubs and scrapes are everywhere. The weather has been getting cooler and the fall colors are awesome! What a great time to be in the woods. Our hunter's success rates have been high and we have been truly blessed with some outstanding hunters to share our Lodge and campfire with. Our "West Texas Safaris" have been a big hit, as have our West Texas Aoudad Sheep Hunts. We still have 3 "Free Range" Mule Deer hunts available on our "Cancellation Special". These are really fun, action packed adventures with casual sightings of; elk, whitetail, aoudad, javelina and maybe a mountain lion! That's right. On our last aoudad sheep hunt our professional guide Neil Grant and sheep hunter "Wig" got to watch a big lion from a distance on top of a steep bluff. Now is the time to plan your December thru March Predator Hunt. The bobcat population is at an all time high! Come help us balance the scales for our fawn and turkey survival. For parents looking for an affordable opportunity to get their kids involved in the "great outdoors", please look for all the "Youth Specials" designed to help keep families hunting together. From time to time we have last minute "Hunt Specials" or "Cancellation Specials". Please monitor our website for the latest, breaking news. We here at "Team Magnum" are excited about this fall hunting season and look forward to seeing all of our returning friends and building new friendships. Happy Hunting and may God Bless You!

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