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Magnum Guide Service, LLC is steadily growing and expanding into new and exciting areas in an effort to provide the very best hunting destinations for "Magnum Hunters." 


Right now we are looking to fill seasonal positions for; field interns, hunting guides and chefs.  If you are highly motivated, honest, reliable individual with a very positive mental attitude, then you may be just the person "Team Magnum" is looking for!  We are accepting employment applications and resumes so don't delay.  If you are interested in joining our "Team" then please fill out the online application below and send it to us. If you have your own resume, complete with photographs and current references then please email or send to: 

Magnum Guide Service, LLC

707 N. U.S. Hwy 277
Eldorado, TX 76936


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Hunting guides and cooks, between daily rates and tips, earn on average $300-$425 per day! When not guiding or cooking they are paid on an hourly scale based upon their level of  experience.  If we are short of vehicles and you agree to use your personal vehicle, we pay $0.65-0.75 per mile. "Top Guides" should be able to; age deer live on the "hoof," accurately tooth age harvested deer, "field judge" bucks for the gross B&C score, measure and record B&C score and carcass weights after harvesting, dress game, skin, quarter, shoulder cape, full cape, photograph, video tape, excellent gun safety skills, basic first aid, handle hunters with "Type A" personalities, and work in a team oriented environment.

For those "adventure minded" outdoorsman who already possess a strong background in hunting but lack some of the skills listed above, we offer an "internship program" individually designed to address the specific needs of each applicant so that they may be "equipped" to enter into the world of professional guiding! Monthly salaries for interns are based upon experience and include most meals & lodging. Applicants must be 21 yrs of age, no felony convictions, have  favorable references, and possess a clean driving record to drive Team Magnum vehicles. 

We are about "honesty, commitment, and ethical hunting!" Thank you for considering working with our professional guide service. We look forward to receiving your information.


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