Monday, October 25, 2010
Mission Trip to Feed Orphanages in Mexico
This past weekend we had the pleasure of leading a small youth mission trip into the mountains of far West Texas. The focus of the mission was to provide much needed meat for three Mexican orphanages across the border from El Paso that have been greatly effected by the violent drug cartels. The boys; McCall (15), Cody (13) and Kenny (13) all harvested animals (2 watusi steers & 1 roan antelope) then in turn donated the meat along with their weekend to help grind the meat into hamburger, a much needed staple in Mexican diets. In addition to the meat, Perry Rollins and Randy Fair of Glen Meadown Baptist Church helped organize donations of medical supplies along with 5,000 lbs of much needed clothing to give to Mexican missionaries. The boys fullfilled their various responsibilities and left the ranch knowing they had been the "hands and feet" of Jesus. Raising boys into men, Amen!

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