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Monday, September 25, 2017
Axis Deer Special!
This hunt special will appeal to every Hunter wanting to fill his/her freezer with some of the best tasting meat there is, Axis Deer! The “extreme discounts” that are being offered also make this a great opportunity to take a son/daughter or grandkid hunting!! Here’s the deal, a large ranch near our Main Lodge purchased some 40 head of axis deer 4 years ago for stockers. The herd has more than doubled but the overall quality of the antlers are simply not what the landowner is looking for. Therefore he has made the decision to cull heavily and reinvest the proceeds into purchasing new and better genetics. This has made a great opportunity for hunters of any age to shoot some meat doe, cull and management bucks at fantastic prices. Call us ASAP (325) 853-1555 to learn more.
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