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Whitetail Hunts

The "Lone Star State" of Texas has one of the largest whitetail deer populations in the United States. With 99% of the State consisting of private ranches, and the "Texas Parks & Wildlife Department" actively working with participating landowners and wildlife managers towards cutting edge advances in modern day whitetail management, make Texas one of the "premier destinations" for trophy whitetail deer hunters! Affordable "Texas Big Game Hunting Licenses" are available over the counter for both Residents and Non-Resident hunters plus they are further discounted for "youth hunters" 16 years of age and under. Combine all of this with large bag limits, lengthy hunting seasons (Oct-Feb under the TPWD Managed Lands Deer Program), trophy quality whitetail bucks, mild southern temperatures and you have the makings for a top quality whitetail hunting experience. Texas Whitetail hunters often find other hunting opportunities while pursuing their "dream whitetail" such as mule deer, elk, aoudad sheep, exotics, quail, Rio grande turkey, bobcat, mountain lion, coyote, fox, javelina, feral hog, quail, dove, and waterfowl.

Many of our hunters have harvested their best bucks

Many of our hunters have harvested their best bucks to date while hunting with “Magnum.” They also said that the quality of food and overall service was beyond their expectations! While our "free range" ranches produce whitetail bucks from 120-160 B&C with nearly 100% success, our highest scoring bucks consistently come from our intensely managed "high fence" ranches we designate as "Fair Chase" ranches, as is our "San Angelo Area" & "Brownwood Ranches". These are huge wild bucks that average in the mid 160's with larger bucks scoring up to 245 B&C. Bill Jordan, owner of Realtree and NASCAR Legend Dale Ernhardt hunted for years next door to one of our ranches. All of our whitetail deer hunts are conducted in a fair chase manner for we believe in "embracing and preserving" the "essence of the hunt"! These are "real" challenging whitetail hunts where our hunters consistently experience high success on monster whitetails. These are ranches where hunters can be proud of their accomplishments. Each year many large whitetail bucks are passed by trophy hunters because of broken antlers incurred during the intense Texas rut, saving themselves for yet another season. Having a front row seat in a Texas deer blind while watching large numbers of rutting whitetail bucks chasing red hot doe deer is truly something to behold! It is common throughout our portfolio of highly managed whitetail ranches to see as many as 15-25 different whitetail bucks per day in addition to Rio Grande turkeys, hogs, javelina and bobcats! We hope you will come share this exciting whitetail season with us!

Come Hunt With Us

We have been guiding whitetails for 33 consecutive years with an annual hunter success rate of nearly 100%. All of our whitetail ranches are professionally managed and have been for many years. Being a full-time wildlife management firm, as well as a full-time guide service, has given us an intimate knowledge of those species in which we choose to pursue. Our ranches are large with some over 10,000 acres in size. We hunt our trophy whitetails sparingly during the Texas 16 week whitetail deer season to insure our Hunter's experience high volume "deer movement" which equals hunter success on quality deer. We also schedule our whitetail deer hunts to coincide with the very best times so our clients have the highest success on 5 1/2 year old bucks and older with trophy quality antlers. By working in cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Technical Guidance Biologists we have acquired MLDP (Managed Lands Deer Permit) Level III on our premier ranches which allow our deer Hunters to start hunting whitetail deer the Saturday closest to October 1st, through the last Sunday in February! All of our whitetail hunting packages include outstanding meals and exceptional lodges. All of our trophy hunts are fully guided by professional guides who know big whitetails! These hunts are guided either 1 x 2 or 1 x 3 with all fair chase hunts on highly managed ranches guided 1x1. Hunters may upgrade to a 1x1 guided hunt if requested in advance. Our "Free Range" Whitetail Trophy Hunts have liberal bag limits up to 1 trophy buck & (2) doe deer or designated cull bucks depending on availability and biologist's recommendation. Bow Hunters will enjoy seeing multiple Pope & Young bucks during their hunt along with the possibility of a javelina or feral hog. Occasionally we have cancelled hunts that provide Hunters a much discounted opportunity to harvest an additional trophy buck or management buck on a no-kill, no-pay basis. We have affordable Management and Doe/Cull buck hunts which are action packed at affordable prices and provide loads of meat for the freezer or local Church. Our very popular "Youth Hunts" offer young hunters the ability to learn a lot about whitetail deer hunting along with gun safety skills as they enjoy their time a field while being personally supervised by their own experienced guide. "Youth Pricing" is discounted to encourage parents to take their children hunting. "Magnum Hunters" may also hunt for javelina, hogs, predators, and/or exotics on a no-kill, no-pay basis. We can easily accommodate individual hunters up to large corporate groups. Our Staff's attention to every detail combined with excellent personal service equals customer satisfaction. Safety is no accident. We care about your hunt and it shows!

Special Equipment

Recommended equipment are scoped rifles sighted in for 200 yards of .243 caliber or larger shooting 100 grain controlled expansion bullets or heavier. We highly recommend controlled expansion bullets such as; Swift A Frame, Scirocco, and Barnes Triple Shock bullets. Rapidly expanding bullets are discouraged. Shots from blinds average 100 yards. High quality binoculars, scope covers, flashlight, spare batteries, face mask, full camouflage, rain gear, camo gloves, quiet walking boots, ice chest, digital camera, video camera and hunting license.

Hunting Methods

We hunt our whitetails both with firearms and archery equipment utilizing a variety of methods; by hunting from “Primos Double Bull” ground blinds, all of which are readily accessible by mobility impaired hunters, by elevated “portable tripods” near fresh scrapes, travel corridors, and electronic feeders, by elaborate “elevated tower stands” with heaters over feeding areas and food plots, by stalking, rattling antlers together, and on occasion out of a high rack 4WD custom hunting rig safari style. Our routine is to leave well before daylight for the morning hunt, return for lunch late morning, and go back out for the evening hunt later in the afternoon. Those who choose to hunt all day will be accommodated. The rut in our area generally runs from November 15 through December 5, with a secondary rut after Christmas.

Weather Conditions

The weather in Texas can be unpredictable so hunters should check the weather forecast before packing their bags. The “average” temperatures for October are 60-80, November 40-70, December 30-60, January 25-50. Light rain and wind are common with the passage of cold fronts.

Travel Tips

Hunters should consider securing their airline tickets at least 2 months in advance of their travel dates. Hunters driving to the Lodge should arrive the afternoon before the first day of their scheduled hunt between the hours of 12:00 - 4:00 p.m., and plan to depart the morning following the end of their hunt. Hunters flying into the San Angelo, TX airport between 10:00 am - 4:00 pm will be provided free airport transfers to the Lodge. Hunters who choose to arrive in their own personal aircraft will be accommodated. Hunters may obtain their hunting license in advance through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department or directly through Magnum Guide Service, LLC. We are a licensed vendor for the State of Texas. Hunters should consider traveling with a soft wheeled duffle bag and a locking gun case. Carry on items may be transported in a backpack which will come in handy when shuffling your gear from the Lodge to our vehicles. Hunters may have their meat processed or donated to a charitable organization. Also, Hunters may choose to have their trophies mounted by a local taxidermist or shipped back home to their taxidermist of choice.

What Is Furnished

All trophy whitetail buck hunts are fully guided. Your guide will photograph or video tape you with your trophy, dress, skin, quarter and shoulder cape your deer. In addition, your guide will teach you some secrets learned from years of outsmarting trophy bucks and give you the personal attention that you deserve. On all hunts you will receive three great meals per day, soft drinks and desserts. We also provide local airport transfers between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

What Is Not Furnished

Personal hunting equipment, gratuities, alcoholic beverages (may be purchased locally), hunting license, and transportation before and after the scheduled hunt. Per your request we can transport your trophy to a local taxidermist or ship your trophy to your taxidermist of choice for a reasonable handling fee plus shipping. We can also deliver your game to a local meat processor or you may choose to donate your meat to a local charity.

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