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Texas Free Range Elk Hunts

Hunt on our expansive 14,000 acre private ranch located in the beautiful Glass Mountains of West Texas! This spectacular 4 night, 3 day spot and stalk hunt, guided 1x1 includes great food, private lodging and Texas hunting license. Hunters are not required to enter a state drawing for their license and may hunt with either rifle, archery or handgun. This exclusive hunt is only offered to 2-3 bull elk hunters per year. Reservations are on a first come/first serve basis.

Come Hunt With Us

Our elk hunters enjoy a quality Texas hunting experience with good opportunities for harvesting a nice bull elk. Our Texas elk hunters have enjoyed nearly 100% success, year after year. The Glass Mountains located near Marathon, Texas is home to several small herds of wild free-ranging elk. Many of these mature bulls will match what is currently coming out of the Rocky Mountain states and without all of the hassle. Hunters are not required to enter a State Wide Drawing. Hunters will find lengthy hunting seasons and are not forced to pick a certain set of days to hunt like many rocky mountain states. Hunters may choose to hunt the rut and catch the bulls bugling while using a rifle, muzzleloader or archery equipment. Hunters will usually find the weather comfortable and free of snow and deep mud as often found in the Rocky Mountains. Hunters may also have the opportunity to harvest additional game during their hunt on a no-kill, no-pay trophy fee basis such as; mule deer, whitetail deer, mountain lion, bobcat, javelina, or aoudad sheep.

Hunting Methods

We leave our hunting lodge well before first light in order to listen for bugling bulls or to spot grazing herds of elk in first morning light. Hunting is conducted primarily safari-style out of 4WD trucks and ATV's with frequent stops to glass nearby mountains and canyons for trophy quality game. Spot & stalk style hunting while working bulls into close range with favorite elk calls is especially exciting during the rut. Nothing beats the sound of a red hot bull up a narrow canyon with his loud bugling bouncing off the canyon's walls. Most shooting opportunities are at distances from 40 to 200 yards. "Mountain Hunting" may require hunters to shoot resting their rifles on shooting sticks, bipods, or over the top of their guide's backpack. In preparation for their trip, hunters may want to consider practicing their shooting from similar rests to help prevent a "missed opportunity" when it's "show time"!

Weather Conditions

The weather is usually stable with morning lows around 40 degrees heating up quickly into the 70's. Wind can be a factor but seldom is there any rain. Hunters may want to consider dressing in layers to better contend with the changing temperatures of the day.

What is Furnished

Excellent food, comfortable and private lodging, services of your own professional guide, Texas hunting license, trophy care to include; dress, skin, quarter, and shoulder cape of your prize along with digital photos to commemorate your hunt.

What is Not Furnished

Not included are personal hunting equipment, adult beverages which can be stocked to order upon request, transportation to the lodge, camp gratuities, any meat processing or crating and shipping of meat or trophies which can be arranged.

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