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We are packing up to head home after a wonderful experience with Scott and Jaime. I want to thank you and compliment your team on an excellent hunting adventure and let you know the guides and Amanda’s cooking were first class! The ranch was a paradise with beautiful scenery and plentiful game. Such a delight! I ended up taking advantage of your “sniper rifle” and took my aoudad at 590 yards on a last minute of the hunt effort your guides made possible. Thanks for that wonderful rifle! I hope this is just the first of my hunts with Magnum Guide Service!
- T. Barcroft, GA

Wanted to send a note and thanks for the very enjoyable hunt. Those sheep can be somewhat elusive. The ram I took with the muzzleloader will end up being #3 in the SCI record book. Scores 138 1/8 inches. Accommodations were top notch and the cooking was wonderful. Amanda and my wife had a great time talking about cooking, as my wife loves to cook as well. Scott and the other guides were very good as well. Thanks and hope to get back there again soon.
- Marv Hachmeister, AZ

Just a quick note to let ya’ll know what a great time we had. The food was great and plentiful. Amanda was great. Jaime and Scott were great guides. I have hunted with quite a few outfitters through out the years and I can honestly tell you Magnum is head and shoulders above all the rest. I hunted with Scott and I will say he is the best guide I have ever hunted with. His knowledge of the game we hunted was expert. The energy he expended to get my shot was astounding. The other two hunters had the same comments to say about Jaime. We are looking forward to our next hunt with Magnum. Again, a great experience and a beautiful ranch.
- Billy Ham, TX

I needed a free range Elk for an SCI award that I was trying to fulfill when I learned of Magnum. My schedule didn’t allow for a western states hunt, so the Texas hunting destination in the Glass Mountains, only 5 hours distant from my home was perfect and I love Marathon, TX and that area. Arriving in perfect weather and the two hunts before me being so successful, I was excited and ready. Jim, Melony & Jaime (asst. guide) are great folks and all their equipment, punctuality, being organized and good at what they do, made the trip more enjoyable. The ranch we hunted was a beautiful place and the game plentiful! A fun setting to hunt and enjoy the outdoors. I killed a free range Aoudad firstly because we spotted them while hunting for Elk. Me being old school, I insisted using my 30-06, but Jim has a long range gun for his clients and I recommend that respectively, but I sealed the deal with a 400 yard shot off the sticks! I think Jim was surprised by that. For you riflemen that’s a 27” hold over, if your sighted in @ 200 yards.....During the hunt, before and after, we had seen about 80 to 100 elk, mostly cows and a few bulls. The elk were bugling and Jim was a very experienced and accomplished guide accordingly. One lovely afternoon a bull answered his call after spotting a group of cows a mile or more away. We moved by vehicle to the region waiting, listening and glassing. About an hour before sunset we spotted my bull and moved in by stalking him to a position of about 250 yards away. After a few minutes wait he stepped out behind some cows and my 30-06 (I call her Eleanor Rigby ), spoke and the Elk went down but I put a coupe de grace round into him for insurance. I was, and am still a very happy hunter. The field work and meat handling by Jim & Jaime was as good as I’ve seen and we are enjoying dining on fine Elk now! With all this said, I would recommend the Magnum team to all my fellow outdoorsmen and friends.
- Bob, TX

Thank you for an awesome hunt! I enjoyed many new experiences on this hunt that will last a lifetime. My favorite things about this hunt were the mountainous terrain and the varieties of game. All and all, it was a great time hunting and making new friends that enjoy serving the Lord as do I!
- Cary Qualls, AR

I would like to thank Magnum Guide Service again for an excellent hunt at Marathon, TX. The scenery and ruggedness of this part of Texas was beautiful to say the least. Being from Nebraska I have never experienced a hunt like this one. Hiking to the top of mountains and glassing for the quality animals we saw everyday was very rewarding, we also saw Elk everyday. Nothing I've ever hunted before required so much endurance, than the Aoudad Sheep, they are amazing animals, and a blast to hunt. I also had a great time hunting Javelina, and I won't forget how that hunt went down, it's quite the story!!! The staff at Magnum Guide Service was second to none. Their knowledge of the ranch and wildlife made the hunt a great experience, that I won't soon forget. Last but not least, I would like to thank Melony for the awesome food and especially the desserts. Hope to hunt with you again in the future.
- B. Ebberson, NE

My hunt with Jim and Melony was unforgetable. Climbing up the side of a mountain and glassing for a mature mule deer buck to hiking on top of the mountain for the big Aoudad Ram. It was my first time hunting the Aoudad and won't be the last! I really enjoyed the stories, laughter and fellowship of the hunting group. Jim, Neil and William were the best guides a guy could ask for. Full of guidance and knowledge about the layout of the ranch and the wildlife it produced. My brother and I have hunted with outfitters in Texas for 4 years and Magnum Guide Service is the real deal! Can't wait to come back!
- J. Ebberson, NE

Thank you again for the wonderful hunt. I had a great time and this hunt exceeded my expectations. The mule deer hunting was outstanding. I loved seeing the mature bucks with the heavy bases. I have always enjoyed mule deer hunting and truly enjoyed taking one of the desert variety. It was great to hunt mule deer in such nice weather. The aoudad hunt was more fun and exciting than I expected. Hunting the aoudad up on the top of the mountains was great. I truly enjoyed the hunt and will cherish the memories. There was a great group on the hunt, the guides were excellent and the food was wonderful. It was all very enjoyable and I thank you very much.
- R. Hall, UT

After hunting with you for almost 10 years, I can't believe I've waited so long to hunt Aoudad. Much has been written about how underrated they are as a big game species, and I have to agree. Aoudad are a magnificent animal that live in country that is equally impressive. The massive, sweeping horns and long, hairy chaps of the mature rams makes for a unique trophy that rivals any of the other North American wild sheep. My first encounter with Aoudad was a couple of years ago, when you and I hunted mule deer in the Glass Mountains of west Texas. We had a great trip and I shot a 184" mulie buck, but I could not shake the memory af all the Aoudad that we saw. Although it took me two years to return to the Glass Mountains, it was worth the wait. The quantity and quality of game on the ranch is better than I remembered. We saw large herds of Aoudad and several mulie bucks that made me wish that I was coming back during deer season. My hunt took place in late October during the rut, when it is common to see large herds of rams and ewes together. We ended up finding a herd of about 200 sheep bedded down on the side of a mountain that was in a good position for a stalk. While moving up the mountain, we ran out of cover and got pinned down by three mulie bucks and couldn't go any further. Eventually, the sheep got up and began feeding across the side of the mountain that we were on, which gave us an opportunity to pick out and evaluate the rams in the herd. There were so many large rams, it was difficult deciding which one to shoot. We finally picked out a heavy, mature ram and I took the shot when he presented a broadside opportunity. His dark horns were about 33 1/2" long and more than I ever could have expected. His growth rings indicated he was 12 1/2 years old and his face and head showed fresh wounds and old scars from battling other rams for breeding rights within the herd. After shooting my ram, I will never forget the sight of watching the the herd move off across the facing mountainside and glassing all the big rams that were still there. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this trip. Thanks again for another memorable hunt and I hope the rest of your season is a success. I look forward to seeing y'all again in the spring during turkey season.
- G. Gleason, TN

Melony, Luke and I had an enormous time together. Times like these are generally short lived for professionals. Our hunt was very successful thanks to your steely eyed husband. I wish I had blue eyes like him. Jim can teach even seasoned hunters and shooters new tricks. The food you prepared was delicious, healthy and did not keep me rolling in bed at night. You and Jim make a great team. I saw your recent photo gallery of your latest hunts. Mel, you should guide too, I would be willing to bet you could hold your own. Regards to Javie (Baby Javelina).
- Dr. Mayo Galindo, TX

Lee and I want to thank you and Melony for being such terrific hosts. This was Lee’s first big-game hunt, and he thrilled to the experience of a free-range stalk of the wary aoudad. Thin mountain air and the excitement of putting a scope on a big sheep were no match for Lee’s nerves, and he dropped a very nice ram with his first shot. We could not ask for a better teacher and guide for this hunt, and you put us on the right animals the right way. This was an experience never to forget, and we highly recommend Magnum Guide Service to all.
- Mark Walker, TX

I have been hunting with Jim and Melony for over 20 years. I find it hard to believe that Jim and I have put up with each other for that many years! And how old is Jim now? We did celebrate another one of his birthdays on this trip. This year I did another hard, but successful, spring turkey hunt followed by an unbelievable free range aoudad hunt with Jim and Melony in Marfa, TX. Thanks again to Jim’s hunting expertise, I harvested a beautiful large ram. This year was very special for me because I was able to have my wife, Cindy, make the trip with me for the first time in the 20 + years I have been hunting with Jim (Magnum Guide Service). Cindy actually went with Jim and me and climbed the west Texas mountains on the aoudad hunt. We both totally enjoyed the hunts again as well as the friendship of Jim, Melony and their staff. I again would highly recommend Magnum Guide Service for anyone’s desired hunt. They truly run a very professional organization.
- David & Cindy Frederick, PA

I just wanted to thank you and Melony again for the great time I had during my West Texas Mule Deer Hunt with Magnum in December. Your outstanding guide work, a spectacular setting in the Glass Mountains, very nice accommodations in Marathon, good camaraderie at the end of the day and, of course, Melony’s excellent cooking, all served to enhance a hunting experience that truly exceeded my expectations. The amount of game we saw every day was truly impressive: free ranging elk (in Texas!), javelina, whitetails, mule deer and my new favorite game animal…aoudad sheep. The hunting was excellent and I’ll always treasure the memories of taking the old warrior mule deer buck that you spotted from over a mile away (it’s amazing how you are able to spot game) and the time we spent stalking and then walking in and amongst the large herd of feeding javelina. However, it was the unexpected bonus of the aoudad hunt that stands out in my mind. Any TV hunting show producer would have loved to have been a part of that drama! A perfect stalk with optimal conditions as the sun was rising on a cold crisp morning, with the herd of 60 sheep moving slowy down the mountain to feed while we closed the distance by heading towards them through a thick, brushy draw…getting to the head of the draw after 45 minutes with the sheep now on both sides of us…waiting for the ram to stand clear while another ram stands 20 yards away and is about to bust us…taking the shot from a prone position at the lip of the draw after you reach over my shoulders to set the tripod…and then walking up to a fantastic trophy…wow!
- Stu Lilly, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Just got done unpacking Willi's aoudad and everything looks great...he is a Monster! Thanks again for everything, as you folks are true professionals in the hunting industry. We are truly blessed to gain new friends like you! I told Willi that next time I'm definitely getting free to go down to your place with him and hunt as I look forward to meeting you both. Please keep in touch!
- Bill Zlupko, CO

Hope you and Mel had a great Christmas. I want you to know I had the greatest time on my recent adventure to Marathon, TX with Magnum. This trip went way beyond my expectations from Mrs. Betty's fine cooking to the great hunt that Neil and yourself made sure that my father in law and I had. I can't tell you how impressed I was with the ranch from the quanity and quality of animals to the magnificent free ranging elk to the abundance of mule deer, aoudad and javelina. To hear elk bugle in TX on a cool Dec. morning was amazing and the scenic view was unforgetable. I have used several outfitters across the U.S. and I must say this hunt and your service ranks at the top of my list. I really enjoyed getting to know you and Neil. I must tell you I was so impressed with the mule deer hunt and was really happy with the deer I took but the aoudad hunt was a very rewarding adventure from making the first stalk to my final success of the great aoudad I am very proud of.
- Allen Cooper, AR

As a hunter from Canada, we are fortunate to have the varied species in which we hunt. After hunting caribou, mule deer, moose but whitetail mostly, I thought it might be fun to try a different species in another Country. I came across your website and was impressed with the different hunts available but was most interested in your Aoudad hunt. One always has an expectation level of what the hunt will be, but I can honestly say that this one exceeded mine. The number of game sightings and the quality of animals was a trip I will never forget. Jim’s knowledge of the game and where they will be holding up is second to none and it is obvious his pre-scouting efforts are not taken lightly. He will call the wind for you, tell you how much drift to allow for and give you exact yardages. All you need to do is hold down and make the squeeze. Not only will I be returning next year but my 10 year old son will be my hunting partner. There is something special in those mountains and as you showed me, there is a lot more to the hunt than meets the eye. I look forward to seeing you and Melony again next October.
- Jeff McLean, Canada

We set the 2 rams side by side and under the lights they looked like “guantes” or twins. What a hunt! What an experience! Hunting free range sheep is not a give me. The terrain is tough, the environment is harsh and the territory is vast but I learned how to hunt sheep. Now I know where to look for sheep on a mountain range or ridge top, how to locate their trails through a saddle between two mountains, how to identify a shooter and how to approach a rock face to get in the best position for a shot. I’ll be so excited to get home and show Lisa that I shot her a trophy ram as well. I’m sure she will be just as excited as I am. She can even take her pick.
- George Hill, TX

I would like to thank you for a safe and successful aoudad hunt. Jim is a physically and sprituality strong person. He was able to pack my 32 1/2" horns & lifesize cape of my Aoudad up a near vertical canyon wall, and show me how to get closer to God. Melony's cooking can't be beat. One word to describe the vastness and natural beauty of this ranch is "spectacular". For the hunt of a lifetime with friendly and professional people, plan to hunt with Jim & Melony Roche and Magnum Guide Service!
- Joe Evancho, PA

Just wanted to drop you a warm and hearty thank you for this past week. Kevin and I truly enjoyed every aspect of our stay from your company, to Howard's hospitality, the gorgeous country and tour of the property and of course the hunting. Betty was great and we appreciate all her efforts to accommodate us. She is a great gal. I'll be working on the story tomorrow.
- Barbara Crown, Editor of The Hunting Report

Thanks again for helping Boyd achieve his World Slam! It's a beautiful sheep and we will have many fond memories of the entire hunt!
- Boyd & Jean Skille, AK

Thank you for setting up such a great aoudad hunt. It was totally awesome. Everything was perfectly handled from food, lodging and transportation to hunting expertise and trophy care. The ranch was excellent. The amount of different game including the deer and elk we were not hunting was great. But the best part was getting to hunt with Neil. You couldn't have picked a better match for a guide. What a great person and hunter he is. It is a hunt that I will remember for a long, long time to come!
- Brian Wigington, WY aka "Wig"

Now here’s an opportunity you probably haven’t considered. How about a trophy hunt for free-range elk? On private land? With no set report on just such an opportunity in West Texas. Miller hunted with Jim Roche of Magnum Guide Service (325-853-1555; and gives him an across-the-board excellent rating. In a note Miller included with his report, he writes: “I’ve hunted this ranch with Roche three times now. It’s near Marathon and has lots of water, so it holds quantities of animals, even in a drought. Whitetails inhabit the lowlands; the mountains hold large mule deer (5-1/2 years old and up) that are hunted once only each year; and there are free-ranging aoudad and a herd of free-ranging elk. Roche takes only one bull elk each year from this ranch, so the trophy quality is excellent. Elk are not considered game animals in Texas, so there are no seasons. That means you don’t have to draw a permit, and you can hunt the bugle without interference from other hunters. They have huge elk, 6 x 6 and better. “Last year I took an elk 6 x 5 on the last day of my hunt. I went back this past season to hunt the mulies. The rut was very late. We saw many young bucks with the good mature bucks appearing only on the last day. Bucks taken were mostly 5½-year-olds with one 7½-year-old buck in the group. “The aoudads on this ranch are of superior quality, and the hunting is challenging and fun, all spotting and stalking. The three other hunters with me stalked and took mature free-ranging aoudad from a herd of hundreds. I’d taken a 32-inch aoudad the previous year. The access is on good roads.” “I have hunted over 20 years with Roche. He is always hard working, dedicated and successful. He is also one of most ethical people I know. His hunts are a great value, as he is very selective with his leases. He researches properties well and helps landowners improve the habitat. He will be honest with you on the trophy quality available and season and no tag to draw? There are even additional opportunities for mule deer, javelina, feral hogs and predators, including mountain lion how hunting is done.” Intrigued by the mention of free-range elk in Texas, we called Jim Roche at press time to check the details. He says elk are indigenous to West Texas, all of the panhandle and mountain region. These are the same elk that once roamed the prairies. Now they are confined to small pockets south of Fort Stockton down to Marathon and west to about Vanhorn. Within that triangle, pockets of elk have been wild for years. Roche says a herd of 50–60 elk freely roam the property he hunts. Elk season is year round, with the rut running from late September into October. Hunters may use a rifle, bow or handgun. Roche charges $2,500 for a 1 x 1 hunt for four nights and three days, plus a $5,000 trophy fee for an elk. A mule deer hunt is $4,950. Add on aoudad for $2,500. The over-the-counter license costs $45 and is good for elk, aoudad and javelina. Mule deer require a $300 tag that is good for whitetail too. Roche says he runs close to 100 percent success on mature bulls that typically score in the 285–325 range.
- Submitted to The Hunting Report by Lew Miller

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for providing me with the memories of a lifetime. I’ve been on other guided hunts in the past but I now know what a professional outfit is all about – that is something you taught me. I’ve never experienced guides that were so concerned about the client's getting their trophies, combined with a lodging experience that makes everyone feel so at home. As soon as I get a chance to put together some of the awesome video shots I captured I will send you a copy. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope I’m fortunate to be able to hunt with you again in the future. Magnum Guide Service from top to bottom is truly a class act! Thanks again.
- Craig Heator, MO

We again had a hunting experience worthy of a story in any hunting magazine; WHAT A THRILL! You for years have been touting me to do a free range Aoudad hunt, but I said I already have one. I mistook a trophy collection with the fullest experience of a challenging hunt. It is a testament to your ethics to how many high level leases and ranches you've discovered and developed. Even knowing you as I do, I was overwhelmed with the continual investment and upgrade in equipment you make. The six wheel Polaris Ranger allowed us to go where the animals were on a very rugged mountainous ranch that I question if any person had ever been before. Equipment doesn't mean much without the skills to use it and the knowledge of where to go. Your skills and knowledge are unsurpassed. You have an organization that follows your high standards and your constant involvement assures that you are being replicated. The 07 Mule deer hunt is booked out but I've signed up for 08 as I've never seen so many high quality bucks; and that's not what we were hunting. After hunting with you for over 20 years and through many outfitters and guides going from Alaska to Canada to Africa and many states in the 48 I think I'm pretty knowledgeable. Well (pleasantly) I went to school again. You keep me mentally inspired, advised me on shot placement and moved my skills up and brought me success. I got a 32" ram, but more, I got another lifetime experience with a trusted friend. To anyone reading this....I pay the same as you do and I don't get any special treatment. If you want an experience and success hunting anything: call Magnum. You'll get more than you pay for.
- Lew Miller, TX

What can I say! When I booked my Aoudad hunt I viewed it as nothing more than a filler hunt between seasons. As it turned out, I experienced the most physically challenging adventure of my hunting career. I will never forget the all day stalk into B.C. Canyon and the vertical trek out with my trophy ram. You truly pushed me to the limit and taught me a whole new respect for this magnificent creature. Your attention to detail and commitment to your profession proved to be exceptional. For anyone looking for an affordable sheep hunt coupled with all the bells and whistles of a desert bighorn hunt, this is it.
- R.D.(Bubba) Belk, AL

I cannot put into words the gratitude and respect that I have for the both of you and the times and experiences that I have had in your company. I look forward to many more trips with you and my new family. I know, without a doubt, that any future hunts will always generate around Magnum Guide Service and the service you provide. I also wanted to thank you for the extensive effort you put forth on my free-ranging Aoudad hunt. I have never seen or heard of an outfitter putting a hunt package together for one person consisting of two guides for one hunter, an airplane and pilot, four wheel drive hunting truck with a high rack, camp cook/driver, and tracking dog for one man to hunt sheep. Not to mention that you provided all of this for the same rate as a ranch hunt for Aoudad sheep. Thank you both for all that you did and I look forward to being in your company soon.
- Steve Howell, AL

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