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This is a long and emotional review but from the heart so where do I even begin? Can I put into words what this hunt meant to me? Not sure but I will do my best. My brother and I started going to Magnum hunting turkeys in the spring of 2015. We went back every year hunting turkeys and blackbucks until he passed away in August 2021. I returned to Magnum in the spring of 2022 to hunt turkeys, which was the first year without my brother, but it wasn't the same. My brother and I had dreamed of returning to Magnum and hunting Axis and after months of pondering I decided to return to Magnum to hunt Axis. One because I know this is what my brother would want and second was because Magnum has made us feel like family since the first year we came. I returned to Magnum in June 2023 to hunt Axis with Jaime (who is an outstanding guide and like a brother to me). I knew this would be an emotional trip because even though I could not physically see my brother, I knew he was there. I could feel his presence and see him everywhere I looked. My brother and I had created so many memories with Magnum throughout the years. Once I arrived we were greeted by Jaime, who was working, as always. The welcoming I received and the peace that came over me made me realize that this was the right decision and the right place to be. My brother loved this place just like I do. As we unloaded everything and stepped into the lodge I felt like I was at home, because if you've ever hunted at Magnum that's how they make you feel. As we finished unpacking and Jaime finished with the yard work we all sat down to catch up and reminisce. After an amazing meal, which once again if you've ever been to Magnum you understand, we started getting ready to head out for our hunt. This was my first time hunting Axis and also my first time hunting with Thermals and boy is that a game changer. Everyone should give that a try! I was able to harvest a nice Axis doe early in the afternoon so we got her in the cooler and went after a buck. The axis weren't moving a whole lot that night but after several hours of hunting we were able to come across 2 mature axis bucks fighting. Once we witnessed this we knew the hunt was on. Might I remind you this was at like 3am so that's where the Thermals come in. We stalked in the dark with the thermals until we were within 100 yards of the 2 bucks. As the bucks started to separate Jaime told me which one was the better axis and with the thermal scope I was able to deliver a perfect shot. Walking up to the axis I was overrun with emotions. My brother was supposed to be there with me. But in true Magnum fashion Jaime was there to make me realize that Magnum is just like family. It's how they treat you and how they make you feel. As we loaded up my axis and headed back to the lodge I had time to just reflect. As I was on such a high from harvesting such a magnificent animal I was also fighting back the tears because this was for my brother and I. Even though he wasn't there physically I knew he was right beside me the whole time. The next day was spent on another ranch working on feeders and admiring the landscape and breathtaking views. Just one of the other beauties that Texas has to offer. As we departed on Sunday morning once again I was overrun with emotions. Like I mentioned earlier Magnum is not only just an outfitter they are family. That's just how they make you feel. I am already planning on returning next year as I have hunted many species of animals in my lifetime but Axis is now my favorite and there isn't anyone else I would rather hunt with than Magnum. Absolutely the best outfitter I have ever hunted with. HANDS DOWN!! So between the hunting, the meals and most of all just the way Magnum makes you feel if you ever want to come to Texas I urge you to give Magnum a call and book your hunt. So Magnum I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for how ya'll have treated my brother and I over the years and made us part of the Magnum family!
- M. Hopson, GA

Wanted to give a shout out to Magnum! I came on this turkey hunting trip with my father and he tagged out the first morning, which finished out his grand slam. I got my 2 birds after a day and half and finished my grand slam as well. I was fortunate enough to also hunt a blackbuck since Magnum offers a variety of exotic hunts. I was a little skeptical at first but this truly is the real deal. I couldn’t say anything better about these guys. They are awesome, courteous, guides are encouraging and this was the hunt of a lifetime for me. I will be back next year with my brother and other friends. If you are looking for a great hunt this is the place to be!
- Shayne Burns, OH

Well, another year and another satisfied customer. It never ceases to amaze me of the knowledge that the guides have of the animals that you hunt at Magnum. For instance, myself and my brother Michael Hopson have wanted to hunt Blackbucks since the first time I saw one. We finally got a chance to make it happen this year. The first day we went to the area where we were going to hunt, it was cold for Texas and the wind of course was blowing. All the animals were very spooky because one of their main senses was taken away (their hearing). Every attempt that our guide, Scott Homer, would come up with seemed to always fail that day. Well, he and Jim put their heads together on the second day which was a little bit warmer but still had the winds. Well, after watching the animal's activity we were told that we needed to try spot and stalk with the wind in our face and ease thru the shadows of the cedars and mesquite that cover most of Texas. Within one hour of being dropped off at the area that our guide advised to start our approach, not just 1 but 2 trophy class Blackbucks were on the ground. It was a dream come true for me and my Brother. Well, I can’t stop there. We still had our Turkey Hunt to look forward to. This was my wife’s first time to go to Magnum and attempt to harvest a Turkey. Watching her emotions go up and down was exciting for me because I knew what was in store. The quality of the land that Magnum has acquired over the years is simply amazing. I was going to help her hopefully get her first Rio and then maybe let her do it on her own with the second. After daylight we were covered up with Turkeys, but she made me proud. She tagged out before lunch on the first morning. I also harvested a bird that morning and enjoyed just watching many, many birds that first day. Myself, my wife and my brother all tagged out and brought 2 very nice Blackbucks back to Georgia at the end of our stay. So, without a doubt if you, your family, friends or acquaintances have a desire to hunt in a very family oriented background and have some of the best meals you have ever tasted…. then please give them a try and I can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.
- Tommy Hopson, GA

I wanted to tell you that I had a super great time. Everything was beyond great. The lodging, the food, the people, the hunting. I’m sure glad you take care of your visitors. I am grateful you were able to rearrange my hunt. The change worked out great. I will return one of these days. I really felt comfortable with everyone, especially you and Mike. Also Melony, Sandy, Glen, Scott, Jay and Amy. I have a bunch of fond memories. Thanks. Tell Mike I was impressed with his ability to call that gray fox. The fox came within 10 feet of us. His ability to stop that Blackbuck at just shy of 300 yards enabled me to do a long shot that was successful. I have told that story a few times. Again, thanks for everything.
- David Kegler, SD

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing adventure during our recent Eland hunt. We have shared many amazing adventures together throughout the years, but the sight of that first huge herd of free ranging Eland moving through the brushy, mountainous terrain was most breathtaking. I never expected to see anything like that outside of Africa. This ranch is so huge, so beautiful, and so full of game. I wondered how we could top our morning hunt, but just leave that to Magnum Guide Service. After a slow start to the afternoon hunt, things got very interesting as evening approached. First, we watched a couple of solitary bulls, then just before dark you found the group of five Eland bulls and the hunt was on! After an exciting stalk, you got me in position for a 275 yard shot at the herd bull, and I put my trusty .338 Win Mag to work. My first shot was good, but these animals are so huge and so difficult to bring down. I was able to get another shot into him as he ran downhill at close to 400 yards and that finally stopped him, but the hunt was still not over. Now we had to go down into that canyon and get him. By this time I was totally exhausted but you were again up to the task of locating the animal and successfully recovering him. What an unbelievable job you did, but I was not surprised because I had witnessed you in action before. We all slept well that night. As usual, while you and Zeb were taking care of us during the hunt, Melony was doing her fine job of taking care of us back at the lodge. The food was, as usual, fantastic, and the friendship was abundant. A great hunting adventure,a fabulous trophy, an unbelievable ranch, and a few days with some of the most wonderful people I know. It doesn't get any better than that, my friend! Thanks again to you, Melony, Zeb and Magnum Guide Service. God willing, we will be able to do this again, and I can hardly wait for our next exciting adventure.
- Bob Sewell, LA

Reflecting, Dec 1,2010. I have booked a Markor hunt with Jim Roche for early January, 2011 and I’m reflecting on close to 25 years of hunting adventures and friendship with Jim and Melony as well as the various Magnum team. Sitting at my desk and looking at the walls and floor adorned with Bears, Caribou, Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer, various exotics and the trips to Africa and Canada, I think of the great experiences I’ve been blessed with. I’m remembering the depth beyond the trophies; like my only unsuccessful hunt with Jim. We were hunting Moose outside of Dillingham, AK. It was unseasonably hot and very windy. We stalked a big bull but didn’t connect and had watched a ten foot bear for two days. I had been the victim of a corporate down size and felt guilty about being there and worried about my future. The sharing of my concerns and the insights and encouragement from a trusted friend out in the wilderness let me walk away with a renewed attitude and something more valuable than a trophy. Jim tried to get me to stay so the weather could change but I felt I needed to go. Two days later Jim guided his hunter to a B&C Bull exactly where we had been. Jim is pretty modest about his exploits or maybe there are so many he just deals with the most recent. He is dedicated to having his clients succeed and being safe. I think back on how he saved a hunter’s life when in a remote Wyoming cabin that didn’t have electricity. He created landing flares and called in a helicopter to rescue him when in the middle of the night he went into a diabetic shock. Another time while in Alaska his hunter cut his hand to the bone and Jim sewed it up and they continued a successful hunt. He’s climbed mountains, crossed rivers and gotten back to wilderness camps in the wee hours in a blizzard and always with the trophy. We crossed the open sea at night in a Zodiac in six foot seas. Now as I’m closing in on my sixty seventh birthday, I trust I’ll find the strength through encouragement, prodding, or maybe block and tackle to scale another mountain to achieve my goal. This trip will be the first in a long time when my good hunting buddy John Garrett hasn’t driven in from KY to drive out and share adventures. This friendship started in one of the Magnum deer camps and such camaraderie isn’t unusual. Not only am I anticipating being on the fabulous Crown X Ranch, but I’m relishing all the details of the whole event. There is a great little “Texas Café “famous for chicken fried steak I’ll stop at going out. I’ll get some country CD’s to keep me company. Well this is a pretty long preamble before my hunt, but as I see the many thank you notes and blogs sent from happy clients to Magnum, I decided to share mine with those of you who read this.
- Lew Miller, TX

I wanted to thank Jim & Melony Roche and their staff for their help in my recent markor hunt. With Jim's professionalism I obtained an excellent trophy; due to the fact that it's an exotic animal and that the animal is not in it's original habitat (Pakistan). Once again, I want to thank Magnum for their effort and dedication in helping me conclude my hunt with success. I also want to thank Walter and Salvador (my translator). I know that we will see each other again if God let's me, because I'm planning to go back next year. I wish you a very Happy New Year! quisiera empezar por agradecerle a Jim a Melony Roche y todo su equipo,por haberme ayudado a concluir mi caseria del markor. ya que con el profesionalismo de Jim logre obtener un excelente trofeo,ya que no obstante que sea un animal exotico y se encuentre fuera de su habitat original (pakistán)no deja de ser una caseria muy dificil y una vez mas agradezco a Jim por todo el esfuerzo de el y su equipo porque lograra concluir mi caseria con exito. mi agradecimiento tambien es para walter y Salvador(mi traductor). se que nos volveremos a ver en otra caseria,ya que en estos momentos estoy planeando regresar el proximo año con ustedes.(si dios me lo permite). les deceo un feliz y prospero año nuevo.
- Francisco Kuri Rojo, MX

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to send you an email. Between stockshows, judging, and catching up on school work, I've been very busy the past couple weeks, and I'm very sorry. Thank you for caring enough about hunting, conservation, wildlife and youth to try to get more kids involved in hunting. This was a great opportunity for me and my dad to spend time together before I go to college and I very much enjoyed my trip. Thank you for working with me on the shooting sticks as well as coaching me. You judged the gemsbok very well. It was very considerate of the Crown X and the Hunting Report as well as yourself to make my hunt possible and I loved the experience I took from this hunt. I definately won't be forgetting it. I will be sending pictures as soon as I can get an address from you and put them on a cd. I hope the hunt went well with Barbara Crown. Thank you again!
- Leigh Ann Bodenchuk, TX

Just wanted to drop you a warm and hearty thank you for this past week. Kevin and I truly enjoyed every aspect of our stay from your company, to Howard's hospitality, the gorgeous country and tour of the property and of course the hunting. Betty was great and we appreciate all her efforts to accommodate us. She is a great gal. I'll be working on the story tomorrow.
- Barbara Crown, Editor of The Hunting Report

This was Africa in America. No African P.H. has anything on you. We were on a hugely expansive ranch with free ranging game. Seeing so many different herds of animals was a thrill. Then the spotting and decision to go after the BIG BULL. A great stalk, having to climb and fall back as you saw him shifting and moving, bringing me so close, but having to wait for him to present a shot. You said they were big but six well placed 375 H&H and the finale from your .458 Lott you passed me was plenty exciting. The extreme care and expertise to field dress such a huge animal and having the equipment to deal with it no matter where it might have ended again sets you apart. Thanks for another great hunt, I arrived home with the cape in perfect condition and other than a small fortune for the processor, all the meat was in beautiful condition. Everything you do and provide is so seamless.
- Lew Miller, TX

Just wanted to let you know that I was correct, my second hunt with Jim was even better than my first, although the first one was pretty good. Kudu, sable and aoudad are just 3 of the 6 wonderful animals I was able to harvest in seven months. It is a dream come true. Taking a kudu and sable on the same day was incredible. I will never forget the excitement of the aoudad hunt due to my fear of heights. Special thanks to Vicki for the great meals and friendship. I'm already planning my 3rd hunt to Texas with Magnum!
- Bill Parrish, WV

Thank you so much for the great Axis deer hunt. It will be a memory that my nephew Brent and I share for the rest of our lives. As you know the trip was my High School graduation present to Brent. He had a great time and I am so glad you guided him on his first exotic hunt. He learned a lot from you. This was my first high fence hunt and I was a little concerned that it would be too easy. Boy was I wrong. I worked as hard or harder for my deer as any free range whitetail I have taken. The expanse of land, the thick cover, and the wildness of the animals made it truly a HUNT. However, what truly made the trip worthwhile was the wonderful hospitality you showed us. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I truly have never had an outfitter work harder to make sure I had a good time. This was my fifth hunt with you and I am already looking forward to the next time we get together. You all are truly wonderful people. Thanks again.
- Tommy Chesbro, OK

The recent west Texas safari was beyond expectations. Ya'll took great care of us. I've told many stories already and each time I tell a tell I remember something else(or maybe I'm embellishing), nevertheless, everyone is amazed and in awe. Can't wait til I get your pictures and I can't wait until our next hunt, hopefully before Deer season. Dad is stable but as we suspected is very tired of aging. He is comfortable now and our weather lets us sit outside on the patio and enjoy mother nature. Again, thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Please pass my appreciation on to Sandy and Doug as well. God Bless.
- Craig Curry, MO

I just got home a couple of hours ago and looked at the pictures again. I am so fortunate to have the chance to harvest an animal of this quality. I will remember this trip as long as I live. Thank you so much. If you ever get to this part of the world look me up. Rest asssured, if I am looking for a another hunt you will be the guide service I call.
- Stacy Thomas, NM

I wanted to let you guys know that I had a blast visiting and experiencing a once in a lifetime harvest of a trophy Axis buck. I know I worried the hunting party for a little while when we were looking for the massive Axis, but Marines call their shots and I knew I hit him in the sweet spot. The only thing better was the shear excitement of my friend Carl as he harvested a huge Fallow buck and knowing that it was his first big game animal harvested. I am defintely coming back for another hunt and recommending Magnum to all my friends looking for a "no nonsense", first class professional guide service. Thank you so much for making me feel like family.
- Ryan Blair, TX

My first trip to Texas to hunt Zebra, Addax and Scimitar was the greatest hunt of my life. I plan to hunt with Jim many more times. This was a hunt of a lifetime and I'm sure the next one will be even better. To my good friends Jim and Melony, I thank you so very much. Words can't describe the joy of this trip. Special thanks to Melony for her incredible meals. See you in September!
- Bill Parrish, WV

Thanks so much for a wonderful hunt! You guys run a class outfit that was definitely more than I expected. We appreciate the way you took us into your home and made us feel at home. Oh, Melony--what a cook!!! I was in awe of all the game I saw and the animals that I was so fortunate to get with Jim. First class guide. Both of you are special people and I truly will not forget this experience. I hope to have my health for next season to make it back to hunt with you again. Your new friend, Mike.
- Mike Cox, AR

The red lechwe hunt was great! Jim, with you and Walter's knowledge of the animals, Magnum Guide Service is second to none. This was a short hunt, but one I will never forget. I will be back soon, hopefully in January. My taxidermist loved it and is going to do a special mount for it. Please tell Melony and Walter thanks for everything and I will see you soon!
- Chris Sonnamaker, TX

Got home safe today and already have everyone jealous over my blackbuck. The meat traveled well in your box and was actually partly frozen (perfect) when I got home. I wanted to tell you again how great a time I had. Your hospitality was one of those special things that shows why you are in business for 31 years. You have a well run operation and I look forward to coming back. Feel free to use me as a reference if you need one and thanks again!
- Jeff Seitzinger, TN

I just wanted to let both of you know how much I enjoyed my recent axis hunt. You both made me feel like part of your family, and on top of that you shared in the excitement of my 1st Trophy Axis Deer. I look forward to seeing you both again.
- Chane Reagan, TX

Thank you again for all of your help in picking up Pat's axis buck and getting it to the taxidermist. It is a beautiful animal and we are so excited that Dan was able to find it on Sunday morning. I spoke with Dan today and was able to thank him personally for his extra efforts. It was special to spend Pat's 16th birthday with you-it was exactly where he wanted to be. We will call you soon to plan the next adventure. Hope you don't mind me enclosing a little something to cover some of your costs, as I know Melony did some driving to pick up the buck and get it to the taxidermist. We look forward to seeing you soon.
- Pat & Dan, TX

The Jones Ranch spring turkey hunt was great with Rick's guidance and my tagging two 20lb gobblers! The icing on the cake however was my Axis deer hunt with Jim and my good friend Jonathan Little. The awesome stalk we put on that beautiful buck was just incredible! I was able to hold it all together and made a good shot. I wanted a good representation of the species. What Jim delivered was a truly an awesome "hog" of an Axis buck that should score extremely high in the record books. Jim, we have been together for 9 years and the memories you have provided for me I will treasure always. Your guides, cooks, lodge keepers and of course Melony are truly wonderful people and that it is why I will always book my hunts with you and Mel. We have become family, you and I and I really like it that way. See you next Spring!
- Dan Flynn, PA

I want to thank you for providing what turned out to be the best trip I've ever taken. That's saying quite a bit. Everything was first-rate, from the little touches in the lodge to the quantity of animals to look at. We appreciated the way everything was taken care of, because we basically were able to hang out together and get to know each other again, something we haven't done in a lot of years. The hunting itself took a back seat to the overall experience, and the trip is something I will always remember. I'll leave it at that, because I can't say enough about it. The meat pickup went fine. We were very happy with the quality of the processor, Sklenarik's Smoked Meats. All the meat was clean, vacuum packed, frozen and ready to go when we got there. I asked them to grab some of the Eland and set it aside for you guys. We had some burgers last night, and it was exceptional. Hope you enjoy it as well. I may be calling you in the next month to talk about deer hunting. Anyone who takes the trouble to get me a birthday cake has my business for life. You all are good people. Take care
- Thomas Collom, MI

I wish to express my sincere thanks for a wonderful experience. The accommodations, hospitality and staff were all top notch. I will echo what we all discussed during the trip and long drive back home, getting us together for the first time in 30 years was truly the best part. The hunting, although awesome, was secondary to the camaraderie and quality time spent together. As a non-hunter, I was initially ambivalent to the prospect of hunting at all and planned to instead "shoot" a lot of photographs. However, the environment (how can you ignore dozens of trophies on the lodge wall) made that a little difficult! I had hunted (whitetail) many years ago, and the excitement came back within a few hours on the first day. Following my disappointment with the Axis buck on Tuesday, Jim's coaching Wednesday led to bagging the Blackbuck. I learned a lot in that short time and will never forget the overall experience. I am already considering plans to hunt whitetail with my own sons this fall. Thank you again
- Mike Collom, WI

Just wanted to say thank you for all your work. I was especially impressed with the way you took Mike for a blackbuck, after the wound on the axis deer. That was above and beyond! He will now be a hunter the rest of his life. You were able to take that hunt and turn it into a lesson for him. You took him personally and taught him things we never could have. I believe that no other guide would have done this, nor would I have expected you to. The cake for Tom was also above and beyond. I truly believe that we were guided not only on hunts, but a very important life experience that enriched all our lives and relationships forever. All your staff was very attentive to our needs and never acted as if we were putting them out. I was very impressed with Casey. He has the knowledge and respect for the animals that makes the hunt! He never indicated that he was upset when I had a chance at a ram, but blew it after he spent 2 hours getting me close. He just kept going until I got the shot again and made it good. What a great guide! Thanks for the life experience, what a true bargain. A price cannot be put on re-building family ties and growing them as well. Thanks again
- Matt Benic, MI

Jim, Just a note to thank you sir for a wonderful hunt. The most impressive thing about the hunt was: * The quantity and quality of African animals * The camp- The most impressive I have ever seen. Lodge, equipment, food and personnel. * Hospitality- You, Melony, and the Guides did an excellent job making all feel welcome. Thanks again for an excellent hunt and great hospitality.
- H.D. "Jim" Gay

Thank you for the incredible axis hunt. I had a blast! It was a great experience for my first hunt. I was scared at first but when I actually shot my first deer, I was so excited! Thank you again for your time and also giving my confidence to shoot my first deer.
- Tauni Wiessner, ID

It sure was great to visit with you again and experience more of your great hospitality and great hunting. The whitetail hunting on your new ranch was fantastic, and was all that you said it would be. J.W. was very happy with his nice 8 point, and it was the only deer he has ever harvested with an inside spread over 20 inches. My 11 point buck scored 146 3/8, a great trophy! You also did a fantastic job of locating the exotics that I was looking for on very short notice. The European Red Stag was a great animal. He has 19 points and a lot of mass and will probably meet or exceed my goal of 300 points SCI. The Nubian Ibex measured 30 inches and had great ridges on both horns. He too, was a great trophy animal. My guide did a great job of leading me on the exotic hunts and was a pleasure to hunt with. Thanks again to you, Melony, and all the staff of Magnum Guide Service for a terrific hunt and a pleasurable experience. I hope we can have many more.
- Bob Sewell, LA

I wanted to thank you all once again for another outstanding hunting experience. It seems that each time I complete a hunt with Magnum I go away thinking "It just can't get any better than this", and darned if on my next visit, you prove me wrong! This last hunt, particularly my harvest of the exceptional axis deer and blackbuck, will provide a lifetime of memories for Sally and I. To me, that means more than the trophies themselves. As you know, Sally has come with me on all but one of my hunts with you. While she has always greatly enjoyed being on a hunt, she was never quite ready to try it herself. Our last hunt with Magnum has convinced her that she is ready now and we both look forward to her first hunt for anything, ever, when we return to see you shortly. It seems that Magnum has worked its magic with her also. Thank you for the outstanding service that you provide and for the high levels of behavior and ethics you expect from your clients. You are certainly doing your part to promote and maintain a positive image for our sport. A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
- Bullet Bob, aka Bob Lowder, NM

Thank you so much for the awesome pictures that you sent me, I guess you can add "excellent photographer" to your resumes. I also want to thank both of you for a wonderful, awesome, fantastic exotic hunt. I know, without a doubt, that I made an excellent decision choosing Magnum Guide Service over all the other outfitters that I researched. Jim's knowledge and hunting instincts were absolutely incredible. I have been deer hunting since I was 6 years old and hunting has always been a serious passion for me. I was truly impressed by Jim's knowledge. Magnum's greatest concern was placing me in the kill zone of an outstanding trophy animal. We passed up numerous beautiful trophies because Jim knew that we could find better and we did! I was fortunate to harvest an outstanding trophy blackbuck antelope and an awesome axis deer. The blackbuck had beautiful curls in his horns and the axis had gigantic antlers! Magnum has access to huge Texas properties and I saw more exotic and native game that I have ever seen. I was also very impressed with the way that you both made me feel at home. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated. Your home (lodge) is absolutely beautiful. All of the trophy animals that you have decorating your lodge are breathtaking. I will always recommend Magnum Guide Service to any and every hunter that wants a professional and caring outfitter. Again, I want to thank you for making my summer a wonderful one.
- Steve Sanchez, TX

Just wanted to take the time to thank you both once again for an absolutely amazing experience. The four days we spent with you two at the Palo Duro Canyon Amarillo Ranch is an experience neither Debbie nor myself will ever forget. Besides being the most challenging and rewarding hunt I have ever been on, the ranch itself is probably one of the most beautiful yet harshest areas of the country I've ever seen. I really don't feel I can adequately express in words or even pictures just how beautiful this ranch really is. The only way I've been able to explain to friends and family back home is that the ranch is basically a privately owned version of the Grand Canyon. After all, it is the second largest canyon in North America, behind the Grand Canyon. It really was worth coming out just to see the beauty of the land. As for the hunt, how can I possibly even begin to detail the challenge and effort that was put into this hunt from everyone involved? It is absolutely impossible for anyone to comprehend the difficult yet enjoyment of this hunt without experiencing it firsthand. There you are trying to outsmart an animal that has every imaginable advantage from strength to speed to sight while you are limited by the terrain. I gained such an immense respect for this animal after watching a herd spot us from nearly 500 yards away and set forth on a 4 mile run along narrow ledges and outcropping that stood above 600 feet of vertical drop. Then to watch even the lambs in the group make that 12-foot horizontal jump from one ledge to the other was amazing. By the second day I quickly realized what my sheep hunting friends mean when they say any ram is a trophy. But then to have the opportunity to harvest the quality ram we did is just awesome. After traversing some of the toughest terrain which included sliding down the side of a ledge some 100+ vertical feet, crawling over 200 vertical feet through cedar thickets on our hands and knees, or having to head 150 yards east then 100 yards north just to get where we could go 75 yards west, I was truly appreciative to see the occasional flat rock to rest upon. But on that final morning of the hunt after the absolutely outstanding spotting job you did to see what was truly our last chance ram, the Lord surely shined down upon us. After the nearly hour and a half hike to get in position to possibly get a shot, the moment of truth had arrived. Our ram was on the move and was heading away quick. While I must admit I am rather proud of the shot I was fortunate enough to make through the six foot opening on the running animal, none of it would have been possible without all the outstanding work done by yourself, Gerald, and of course Mel. I mean such a truly amazing experience culminated in absolute perfection upon arriving at our kill to see such a majestic animal and a world-class trophy Aoudad Ram. I urge you to pass my phone numbers along to anyone who is even displaying the slightest interest in making this hunt. It truly is an experience that every hunter who has the opportunity to take should. After returning home I was reliving the story with a very good hunting buddy who has taken just about every big game trophy on this continent, as well as Africa and had recently returned himself from a Desert Big Horn Sheep hunt. After hearing me tell him about the land and the hunt he was quick to say that it seemed I had as good if not better a time than he did. Which has to be a tough pill to swallow when you consider that he spent over $60,000.00 more than I did. Again, please feel free to pass this letter or my contact numbers along to anyone who would like more information. I truly enjoy telling the story. Thank you both again for a once in a lifetime experience. Also, please pass my thanks on to Gerald.
- Ray and Debbie, FL

Thanks for a great experience. The aoudad hunt was especially memorable. You and your staff worked hard to find game in unfavorable weather conditions. Thank you!
- Duane Strider, NC

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